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Genesis: 2

Ben Helton

Sermon Notes

Life as it was meant to be

  1. The person we were meant to be:

    • God intimately created us in his image.

    • Humanity is the pinnacle of God's creation.

    • All human life is sacred, and must be treated with dignity.

  2. The life we were meant to live:

    • We were created to work with God.

    • We were given stewardship over all creation.

  3. The marriage we were meant to have:

    • God was/is the creator and sustainer of marriage.

    • Marriage was the completion of a side by side partnership.

    • Marriage was the vehicle for unashamed intimacy.

How to get it back:

John 10:10

1 John 1:9

Romans 6:23

Romans 7 & 8

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