Our desire is to see 6th-12th grade students empowered with the message of the Bible so that they find their identity and security in Christ alone. On Wednesday nights, our background-checked volunteers who love teens share a biblical message made applicable to students so they can stand firm in their faith and be leaders on our campuses and in our neighborhoods. And of course, students have a blast building key relationships with their peers. We also offer camps and special events throughout the year.

Current Wednesday Night Series



We've all heard it before. "Be bold!" "Don't be ashamed!" "Take a stand!" But let's be honest. Being bold about your faith can be awkward, intimidating, or just plain terrifying—especially when you're a teenager who's already feeling pressure to be liked and accepted.

In this 4-week series, you'll acknowledge that challenge, then encourage students to grow in their boldness as you walk through a few key stories in the book of Daniel.

These four stories help us see that

being bold begins when we fill up on God, surround ourselves with like-minded people, choose peace even when it's difficult, and practice boldness consistently.


Every WEDNESDAY June & July 6:30-8pm


Nothing says summer like fun, community, and competition. Squad Wars is an event created just for that reason! It's more than a one-time event (although that's part of it). It's an entire summer of crazy games, team spirit, and friendly competition.

The concept is simple: four "squads" compete throughout the summer (beginning with an Open Ceremonies event) to be Squad War Champions. Teams win points by playing games, participating in contests, inviting friends, and showing team spirit.





Tyson & LINDSEY Pepper



We are here for you! We want to be here for you every step of the way as you seek to surround your teen with the very best spiritual and emotional support possible and to inspire a life-long love for Jesus. 

Questions about youth events? Anything we can do to support you as you navigate the exciting, challenging task of raising teens?

Tyson & Lindsey’s Story

Tyson and his wife Lindsey both grew up here in Salt Lake County. They met when Lindsey was working as a photographer and photographed his family. They were married in 2007 and had their son, Rhadek, in 2008. Growing up, both Tyson and Lindsey were members of the LDS church. As adults, they both became inactive but never stopped wondering who God really was and how they fit into his plan. In 2015, Rhadek began asking us questions about God and Jesus.They did not have the answers, and this broke their hearts.
They began attending Lifestone Church soon after and learned that God gave us the Bible to guide us and sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Tyson, Lindsey, and Rhadek all put their trust in Jesus as Savior and were baptized. Since then, they have enjoyed serving God by serving others at Lifestone through various ministries. They love sharing the good news about Jesus with their family and friends. Tyson is pursuing a degree in Biblical & Theological Studies through Liberty University so that he can be prepared to serve God in any capacity. He and Lindsey are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect with Lifestone teens and to encourage them to never stop pursuing and sharing Jesus Christ.